About us

San Juan Foods was established in 2007 as an authentic Mexican style product importer and distributor. San Juan Foods is proud to be the only importer of 'El Queso Artesanal de Mexico', commonly known as Queso Cotija, a popular Dry Aged Cheese. Its rich taste and texture gives your palate a little taste of Mexico in every bite.

Its popularity among consumers has allowed San Juan Foods to expand its product base to various other dairy and perishables. San Juan Foods has a national distribution network that covers the United States,and in just a short time, San Juan Foods has established it self among the market leaders in the authentic Mexican Food importers of national leading dairy products from Mexico.

San Juan Foods is committed to provide our customers with the highest quality, authentic Mexican products at a competitive price; maintaining the high standards in service, product quality, flavor and authenticity, that have contributed to consumer's preference for our products.

San Juan Cotija Aged Cheese is certified for distribution by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Company Goals and Objectives

  • Maintain our position of being one of the market leaders in the Authentic Mexican Food Segment of the Consumer Products Industry in the nation.

  • To expand our market outreach by ensuring our distribution systems deliver the highest and most authentic quality products.

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